Who wants to be a Slumdog?

Jamal: I just need Maman to like my singing, and we’re in the money, big money, Latika.

Latika: And then what? Can we stop begging? 
Jamal: Begging? Are you kidding? We’ll live in a big house on Harbour Road. You, me and Salim, the three musketeers. 
Latika: Harbour Road? Really? 
Jamal: Yes, in the moonlight. You and me. You’ll dance with me won’t you?  [dances
Latika: [laughs] I hope you sing better than you dance. 

Slumdog Jamal


How do you explain to the modern rats about bathing in piles of crap, literally? Sure, all rats crap, but not all know about taking a dump, if you know what I mean. 

There’s just something really powerful between really, truly being able to take in success….and the act of defecating like a king in his castle. Some people chase success all their lives but don’t know what success is all about even when they have it. Others simply live like they are kings of …their own pile of crap, in every minute of their lives, and that is enough. 

My mom always used to say, I can tell how well-off people are by the type of toilette paper they use in their bathroom. I’ve been in the homes of many people who consider themselves big shots …only to find myself reaching for napkins in my purse while using their bathroom – that’s how bad their toilette paper was. At my house, we didn’t always have a lot of money, or any money for that matter, but one thing I can tell you we always had was the most luxurious toilette paper. It’s a statement, you know, as to how much you respect yourself regardless of what goes on in your life. 

Just like you don’t need to be rich in order to use expensive toilette paper, you don’t need to be successful in order to LIVE successfully.

Buy why are you still here reading my crap (pun intended :)) about shit and success instead of going to SEE Slumdog Millionaire? Please excuse my poor analogies, but do see Slumdog Millionaire because it’s the greatest movie of all times!


slumdog millionaire

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make them all day
I get one down in a second if you wait

Sometimes I feel sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I’m clocking that game
Everyone’s a winner now we’re making our fame
Bona fide hustler, making my name

Stylewatch Mondays: the Oscars!

While I was getting ready to write this post about the 2009 Oscar Awards Ceremony, I thought to myself, “nothing really stood out this year.” Most dresses were bland and blended in the setting. And we go downhill as we move towards hair-styles. Where was the glamour? The glitz? Good or bad, at least give me something to talk about?? 🙂

As it turns out, many share my opinion. I googled “Oscars 2009 fashion” and ran across spanking fresh articles that portray it bluntly as…disappointing. 
Still, after watching the Awards Ceremony meticulously, I can name one dress in particular that stood out to me: Marisa Tomei’s Versace dress.
 To be honest, I didn’t even know who Marisa Tomei is until I saw this dress. 🙂 

Well, she played the single-mom stripper inThe Wrestler and she was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance (the Oscar, however, went to Penelope Cruz).  
Back to the dress now. The cut is really sophisticated and I love how the many creases (or folds) twist along in various directions, yet manage to come together and look seamless! Simply stunning! It makes me think of a twister, actually. Marisa’s dress also embodies a very strong trend at this year’s oscars: that fishtail you may have noticed on other dresses, such as Beyonce’s (whose dress was terrible, by the way) and Vanessa Hudgens’. 
Marisa wore the white the best, in my opinion. (This is the best photo I could find of her dress, but the angle that would truly do her justice is exactly the opposite, where you could see all the fabulous twists!) Penelope Cruz’s vintage Balmain was also a hit, but her hair ruined it for me. Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t bad in her Dior dress, but too bridal of a look. Angie looked good, but her look is getting really old: long locks, black dress–same old, same old. 
Anyway, this is all I’ve got. All that’s worth mentioning. Almost everyone’s hair disappointed me. I think simplicity is a great thing, but not at the Oscars…not when it comes to hair. It ended up translating into lazy, as far as I’m concerned. Either that, or…the recession has hit the stars, too, and they could no longer afford a hair-dresser. I could just see them twisting their locks in the bathroom with the hot iron. Yikes!
Best to end the note with Marisa Tomei’s dress. After all, she wins my style-watch category for the week 😉


Before any discussion of dresses, glamor, fashion (or faux-pas), and dresses once again, I need to mention the one who stood out most to me during this year’s Oscars Awards Ceremony.
Heath Ledger.
Not at all surprisingly, Heath won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar Award for his performance of the Joker in the Dark Knight. And no other man deserved this more. It is unfortunate when men as great as Heath have to leave us so early. But although Heath could not be on that podium to accept his award, and although his parents were on the stage where he should have been–where we all would have liked to see him–there was still that rare and strong emotion across the audience’s eyes that only Heath could have provoked. The same feeling I experienced the first time I watched one of Keith’s performances (“Ten Things I Hate About You”) and the last time, too (“The Dark Knight”): a mixture of love, admiration, compassion, envy, enthusiasm, respect and euphoria. His humble attitude left me ever wondering…what’s a girl to do with Heath…give him a big bear hug or seduce him?
Such was Heath: lovable, yet humble; seductive, yet serious; rebellious, yet devoted.
And to many of us, he still is.