Stylewatch: Boho chic!

The sweet stylists at flattered me by answering a topic-question I had suggested: What is Boho? Sure, most of us know Boho is a combination of Bohemian and hippie. But what else do we need to know if we want to emulate the perfect, yet seemingly effortless, style of stars such as the Olsen twins, Sienna Miller or Nicole Richie? Well, in Modcloth stylist’s own words, here it is:


bohoThis week’s fashion dictionary post is dedicated to a style term very close to my heart: Boho. If you’ve done any research on the trend, you’ll know that this term encompasses an entire fashion phenomenon.


Characterized by hippie-or-folk-inspired pieces mixed with a modern twist, Boho-chic (short for Bohemian), embodies easy-to-wear glamour. Peasant skirts, beaded accessories, slouchy tops and casual-yet-stylish shoes are reigning wardrobe staples in the essential Boho closet.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Sienna Miller. Credited with popularizing the look almost single-handedly, her seemingly effortless outfits, tousled hair, and comfort-minded accessories are quintessential cornerstones of the trend. And it has certainly caught on – Kate Moss, Nicole Ritchie, and Mary-Kate Olsen are often seen sporting bohemian flair.

Want to get the look? Embroidered frocks, hobo bags, or a mixed set of bangles can be paired with almost any ensemble to add a touch of boho to your everyday style. Our Side Saddle PurseLa Pueblacita Blouse, and We Got the Bead Earrings can get you on the fast track to living the boho life (or at least styling for it) this Spring.

Thank you to Sabina for suggesting the topic. I hope this helped! Let me know if you have a fashion term you’d like brought to light. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping.


Yay! How special am I?! 🙂 Thanks again, Modcloth team! I am honored.


Bold Tuesdays

Birds of a feather

In today’s Bold Tuesdays, do you have what it takes to wear…feathers?


Yes, feathers. Feather-accessories, to be more specific, from mere plumage to peacock eye, are my latest obsession. So devoted I am to this “cult” that I can’t even pick one such accessory out…I want them ALL!

Left: a feather barrett that you clip to your hair (see photo above).

Right: Peacock feather earrings -so gracious, yet utterly sophisticated!

And below, one of my long-time loves: the peacock feather tights! I’ve been wanting these for months now, but they cost about $30 on Modcloth’s Web site and somehow that cost isn’t really justified to me. Then, again, can you ever put a price on what you love? 🙂


All photos courtesy of

Stylewatch Mondays

I have to hold myself back and remember it is barely March, today it snowed (it was a mix of snow and sun, actually), and summer doesn’t officially start until June…or until late May. Otherwise, I’ll soon start blogging about bathingsuits.

But until we can throw in our towel and hit the beach, there are still quite a few styles we can take in this Spring. In fact, the transition from Winter to Spring is one of my favorites in terms of fashion. We are starting to show some skin, just not a lot, mostly bare legs. I think Spring is for bare legs and gorgeous locks, if you ask me. 🙂

When it comes to bare legs, 3 items are very hot right now: the empire-waist dress, the paper-bag-waist skirt or dress, and skirts or dresses with ruffles!

The Empire Waist Dress

Urban Outfitters Spring 2009

Urban Outfitters Spring 2009

Just for the heck of it, I posted this photo (far left) of a less conventional empire waist. It looks like a long t-shirt, doesn’t it? Well, that’s why I like it. 🙂

Here’s a more traditional look for the empire waist:

empire waist

The Empire Waist is, basically, that hi-cut right below your breasts and above your normal waist line.

Ups: Definitely a feminine cut. Also, if you’re too skinny and want to add volume to your body, this will definitely do it.

Downs: I wouldn’t necesarily call it a “hot” look. Also, if you are looking for a dress to slim you down, this won’t do it…it kind of has the pregnant-look to it.

The Paper-Bag Waist Dress

The Spring Chickadee Dress by Mink Pink. Featured on

The Spring Chickadee Dress by Mink Pink.

If this dress isn’t a cutie patootie, I don’t know what is. 🙂 I love the paper-bag waist style so much because it follows the hi-waist trend in a less conventional way. Plus, until not long ago, for years we were infatuated with low-rise everything. Now, as we are left with those items, sometimes don’t you want to do just this>>>>>>

>>scrunch-up your old low-waist skirts and tie them around your high waist just like you would tie a paper pag? Ha! Gotta love it.

Ruffles Winter, Ruffles Spring, Ruffles-Ruffles Everything!


<<<Hey, so, ruffles have been popular since winter, huh? Well, if you’ve come to love them, you are in for a treat: they will still be popular into the late Spring and early Summer! Ruffle collars, ruffle dresses, ruffle scarfs, ruffle sleeves…aaaaghh! But ruffles are cute, so we put up with them anyway 🙂

Here is the ultimate challenge: combining these different styles!…For example: wearing an empire-waist dress that’s also got ruffles…or wearing a paper-bag waist skirt/dress with ruffled shoes. 

Ok, I’m joking.

Sandals: coming soon to a sunny location near you

I am more ready for summer than you can imagine! I’m especially ready to lose all these layers and sweaters and socks and tights etc. and make room for sheer fabrics and sandals! 

gladiator sandals


Photo courtesy of Primark's Spring-Summer '09 collection.

Talk about sandals, I’ve noticed the gladiator style continues to be a favorite in this upcoming season and I am glad because, I have to admit, I haven’t had a chance to buy into it, and I regretted it by the end of last summer. I was fascinated with how the Olsen sisters wore the gladiator sandals but it wasn’t enough to convince me to own a pair.

I’m a slow-poke sometimes. 🙂 So between last summer and now, I’ve come to love this style. It’s a bit more masculine in a sense, but definitely sexy if you wear it right. Match them to a pair of very-short shorts, or a short dress or skirt, and let them show off your legs…as well as the strong woman within! Gladiator sandals make for a great casual summer look and since they come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll have plenty to choose from: high-heel, flats, high-rise, low-rise, leather or man-made material, plus an abundance of colors! While some are merely “gladiator-inspired” sandals with just a hint of the gladiator look, others will make you look like Brad Pitt’s comrade in the movie Troy. And every girl dreams of playing alongside (or with) Brad Pitt, right? 🙂 I know I do…

 I haven’t decided which type I am yet, but I’ve noticed an alternative look to the gladiator sandals and loved it. Check it out (below):


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I know, I know…not THESE colors (although they’re not bad, just maybe too somber for summer?), but this STYLE. I haven’t been able to find a name for it yet. It’s as though they are *hugging* your ankles and keeping you warm on a breezy night on the beach. They cover you a bit, yet not completely, on a colder summer day while you’re trekking around town. I found them very chic! 

Here is another similar model. 

Summer just can’t get here soon enough!!!

Drop-crotch pants?

Okay, so this isn’t any new trend, apparently, but I …just found out about it! I hear it’s been pretty popular in Europe for a while now, and even more popular in Britain (shocking!). 


Courtesy of Bare Magazine

If you haven’t already done so, meet…the drop-crotch pants. This might seem like a masculine style, but plenty of girls sport this on the streets and some of them wear it quite well. I, for one, am happy to hear about this style because, being a size 00 / 24 / Xxs in pants, most pants that I find out there tend to fit me like the “drop-crotch” style. I mostly don’t mind it and, if I really like the pants, I 

will buy them and just overlook the fact that they don’t fit perfectly. I wear them with attitude and that’s all that matters 🙂 



Some people went really crazy with this style, but for the most part, I think it’s pretty badass, albeit very alternative. Do you have a pair?



Still more to come on Mod Love (TV announcer voice): Frances posts pictures of her own wardrobe and style, along with her latest finds in the local stores! Stay tuned 🙂 Plus, summer is fast approaching: is your wardrobe hype enough to cause a heat-wave? 🙂

Bold Tuesdays


This Spring, as you leave behind your winter blacks and whites,  don’t just welcome the sun with color, but do so with INTENSE color! As tempting as those pastel colors might be (lime-green, pale-pink, pale-yellow, etc.), you can have more:

Try some clear-cut Green, Blue, and Red! Add Yellow and everything in-between, so long as it is an intense, definite color!
Don’t just say, ‘hello, Spring!’ …Flaunt those primary colors like you mean it! 😉 

Happy Spring, everyone!
PS: These lovely outfits are courtesy of BB Dakota –I’m a huge fan of their collections!

Stylewatch Mondays!


Season must-have’s
First of all, *high-waist everything*(here’s a basic idea from American Apparel). Seriously. Donate or set aside your low-waist items of clothing and make room for high-waist skirts, pants, overalls, dresses, shorts, etc. Any of your old tops will work perfectly covered by ahigh-waist skirt or pair of pants. 

*On a budget?* Simply create the idea of “high-waist” by accessorizing with a belt tightened around the highest point of your waist, rather than around your hips. Or, wear a skirt that you already have in your wardrobe tightened around your high-waist, rather than your low-waist.

*Not for your body-type?* If you don’t think you have the body for high-waist skinny pants and also don’t want to look like chubby Jessica Simpson in them, you can never go wrong with a skirt. Skirts and dresses are good for all body-types.

Second of all, *vests* = the easiest and most fun way to accesorize and add character to an
otherwise-plain look. Vests are not only trendy right now, they can also make you look sophisticated easily, as if you actually spent time putting your wardrobe together. If you are worried about your budget and don’t want to spend a lot on being up-to-date with fashion, vests will get you there. For example, they go perfectly with skinny, high-waist jeans, a long top, and either flats or pumps.

Now, in no particular order:
*Pumps* Very fun shoes that add height to any petite silhouette (like me). I love pumps because they can be fun, serious or sexy, depending on how you choose to wear them.
*Scrunched skirts* If you’d like to try something fun this season, consider getting a high-waist skirt in its scrunched version. Sure, you’re thinking this isn’t the sexiest outfit. Sexy, maybe not. Feminine? Yes. Fun? Most definitely. It’s a nice, alternative office look, if nothing else.

*Belts* No explanation needed here. Any fashionista must have a belt by this point. Belts are good on dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, coats, sweaters, jackets, raincoats…you name it! They complement that high-waist look I just mentioned.
*On a budget?* Try using an old scarf or tie in place of a belt. If you have tops you are getting ready to throw away, consider cutting out a strip and using it in place of a belt.

*Scarves* Silk or wool, cotton or lycra, print or plain, scarves are a definite statement of who you are. Have fun picking one out and letting it show one or two of your true colors.