Bold Tuesdays

Birds of a feather

In today’s Bold Tuesdays, do you have what it takes to wear…feathers?


Yes, feathers. Feather-accessories, to be more specific, from mere plumage to peacock eye, are my latest obsession. So devoted I am to this “cult” that I can’t even pick one such accessory out…I want them ALL!

Left: a feather barrett that you clip to your hair (see photo above).

Right: Peacock feather earrings -so gracious, yet utterly sophisticated!

And below, one of my long-time loves: the peacock feather tights! I’ve been wanting these for months now, but they cost about $30 on Modcloth’s Web site and somehow that cost isn’t really justified to me. Then, again, can you ever put a price on what you love? ūüôā


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The Woodstock of our times

SASQUATCH¬†and I go a long way back.¬†Well, no, I haven’t actually gone to the¬†Sasquatch! Music Festival, ever, but I have fantasized about doing so for the longest I can remember. My desire got stronger and stronger since sophomore year of college, when my roommates went and I couldn’t go.¬†

SASQUATCH¬†and I go a long way¬†Mostly, it was because it’s always been¬†too¬†expensive for me to go. Tickets cost about $160/person for the entire 3 days and a camping pass is at least $95. Then, you¬†add the cost of ¬†driving and food and other expenses over the three days and you can easily get close to $500, plus a second ticket for Dorel, close to $700. And it¬†takes place at the end of May, close to when I’m always ready to leave for¬†Romania. Since my trip to Romania is my biggest expense of the year –but also my most important trip–there is little left to choose. *sigh*¬†

BUT, I can dream. (besides, things can change over night…all we need is a big video/photo contract and….voila!¬†we¬†could both go!).

This image has always made me dream of Sasquatch. I would love to lay in a pool of people and tune out to the music; to drink with friends and float around, fly high and forget about all else; it looks as if all those people are sitting at the very top of the world. It’s so beautiful!¬†

Plus, the indie bunch. Have you seen this year’s line-up??
Did you wet your pants already? I did… ūüôā