and then there was Adam Lambert…

Along with Simon Cowell, I was one to fall for Adam as soon as he sang Freddie Mercury’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the auditions. Who wouldn’t fall for that? Adam didn’t just sing. He interpreted, and I melted.

I also fell for Danny Gokey’s voice ever since the auditions and I rooted for him throughout the show. But now, when it was down to just three of them, I knew I couldn’t see Danny as … an idol. As for Kris, if you ask me, he should have been long-gone weeks ago. Kris is a talented boy, but so average that it hurts! Which bears the most important question of the season: is America ready for an Idol who is above the average all-American star? 

I would even go as far as to ask, is America ready for a new Mick Jagger? A new Steven Tyler? A new Freddie Mercury? A rock star in the making who could move mountains (or just our hearts) like Elvis Presley or the Beatles did, or provoke joygasm after joygasm to his audience like Jimi Hendrix did?

Is even Adam himself ready to fill such big shoes? Well, judging by his tongue alone, he is certainly getting there. Whether it’s to perform a dental exam on a lover or to sing the life out of himself, Adam knows how to stick out that lingua like a rock star and to make America blush. He has already told us he isn’t scared of anything or anyone when he performed “Black or White” and aggressively shouted to the judges “I ain’t scared of no brother!” He can smile like a rock star and handle fame with a smirk in the corner of his sensual lips. Then, there are those eyes hiding behind the black eyeliner. Whether they are soft and sensual, like when he sang “One,” or devilish and sexy, like when he sang “A Whole Lotta Love,” Adam’s eyes leave a girl ever-wondering, what is she to do with Adam: give him puppy love, rough sex, or even ruffle his feathers?sexy adam lambert

Oh, excuse me, did I just say that out loud? Well, it’s hard not to get carried away with Adam’s *cough* sexuality *cough* I mean, electric personality and hot sense of style. 

But here’s the deal: we can ask ourselves all of the above questions; we can try to fork out answers; and we can try to fit Adam Lambert into all sorts of patterns and try to determine which one he will fit best. But what if we were to accept that, once in a while, a star comes along and messes up all of our patterns and tables, and all of our formulas for success because he fits …none? (Isn’t that what a star is?) If you don’t know what to make of his make-up and nailpolish, don’t worry–you are not alone! If you still haven’t figured out whether or not you like that scream, don’t worry–you are not alone! And if you feel cornered by how forward Adam is when he flirts with you through your television set, I repeat: do.not.worry–you are not alone! The fact alone that Adam made you think is enough. Just remember, stars don’t ask for permission to be born–they just do! 

Besides, America, what do YOU want form your next American Idol: to fit patterns or to increase your heartbeat? To prove a pre-determined formula or to make you scream because you don’t understand what’s happening to every nerve termination in your body when you hear and see him perform? 

Whether you are ready or not, Adam is. A star was born in front of our eyes and, if you’ve watched closely, you know he will not rest until he shakes every inch of your body to clench his rock-star thirst for passion and madness! The “I-Can’t-Get-No-Satisfaction” boy doesn’t care whether you’re “Black or White;” he will “Play That Funky Music” until this “Mad World” crumbles to pieces because he was…”Born To Be Wild.” 🙂 

I have been ready for someone like Adam even since I exhausted my records of Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, U2, Aerosmith, Queen and the Beatles, and I was left asking myself, “when will someone like that come along during my time, so that I can say I was part of a rock star’s rise to fame?” Oh, I am very, very ready to get my rock-star satisfaction from Adam! 

adam lambert

And you are, too, even if you don’t know it yet! 🙂

PS: If you are still reading this asking when am I going to explain his raging, outrageous sexuality as being a part of the mix, well, I can’t help you here. You should know that music IS like sex, so you might as well take it all in (no pun intended) for what it’s worth. Adam is, after all, just doing his job: sex and rock and all the good stuff. 😉