Who wants to be a Slumdog?

Jamal: I just need Maman to like my singing, and we’re in the money, big money, Latika.

Latika: And then what? Can we stop begging? 
Jamal: Begging? Are you kidding? We’ll live in a big house on Harbour Road. You, me and Salim, the three musketeers. 
Latika: Harbour Road? Really? 
Jamal: Yes, in the moonlight. You and me. You’ll dance with me won’t you?  [dances
Latika: [laughs] I hope you sing better than you dance. 

Slumdog Jamal


How do you explain to the modern rats about bathing in piles of crap, literally? Sure, all rats crap, but not all know about taking a dump, if you know what I mean. 

There’s just something really powerful between really, truly being able to take in success….and the act of defecating like a king in his castle. Some people chase success all their lives but don’t know what success is all about even when they have it. Others simply live like they are kings of …their own pile of crap, in every minute of their lives, and that is enough. 

My mom always used to say, I can tell how well-off people are by the type of toilette paper they use in their bathroom. I’ve been in the homes of many people who consider themselves big shots …only to find myself reaching for napkins in my purse while using their bathroom – that’s how bad their toilette paper was. At my house, we didn’t always have a lot of money, or any money for that matter, but one thing I can tell you we always had was the most luxurious toilette paper. It’s a statement, you know, as to how much you respect yourself regardless of what goes on in your life. 

Just like you don’t need to be rich in order to use expensive toilette paper, you don’t need to be successful in order to LIVE successfully.

Buy why are you still here reading my crap (pun intended :)) about shit and success instead of going to SEE Slumdog Millionaire? Please excuse my poor analogies, but do see Slumdog Millionaire because it’s the greatest movie of all times!


slumdog millionaire

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make them all day
I get one down in a second if you wait

Sometimes I feel sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I’m clocking that game
Everyone’s a winner now we’re making our fame
Bona fide hustler, making my name

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