michele obama

“If she were just brilliant and eloquent and accomplished, it would be enough. If she were just the mother of the two cutest children on planet Earth, it would be enough. And if she were just down-to-earth yet extraordinarily charismatic, that too would be enough. But on top of all that, the first lady of the United States of America has mad style.” Elle Magazine, April 2009

I am extremely pleased that Elle decided to cover Mrs. Obama’s style this month. Not that everyone’s not talking already, but it’s nice to hear eloquent opinions, once in a while, that really confirm just how awesome Michelle’s sense of fashion is! 


I mostly appreciate just how well put together Michelle always is and how flattering her outfits are. Elle pointed out that the First Lady’s outfits are also appropriate for the current state of our economy, as she wears pieces from chain stores such as J. Crew and White House | Black Market. As someone whose part-time job pays minimum wage, I wondered, “how is it cheap to pay $140 for a cardigan?” However, to put the $140 into perspective, the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate’s wardrobe (who shall remain nameless on my blog so I don’t gag) budget was an estimated $150,000-plus. And to put the $150,000 into perspective…let’s just say Cindy McCain at some point during the campaign wore a single outfit that cost (are you seated?) twice as much. *_*

On a side note, I’m watching CBS news as I type and they have just announced that the First Lady has higher approval ratings than the President himself.  So, America, we’re having a hard time deciding which one of the two we love more? That’s okay, we have four years ahead to love them both and, if the planets line up correctly, another four following that. How good it is to have the Obamas in the White House! 

Obama Inauguration Home States Ball


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