The Next American Idol

 I am going to take a stab at this and do some magic guessing. Below are not necessarily results I want, but rather results I anticipate. adam-lambert32

1. Adam Lambert

2. Danny Gokey

3. Scott MacIntyre

4. Allison Iraheta 

5. Lil’ Rounds 

6. Matt Giraud

7. Kris Allen 

8. Anoop

Now, here’s why:

Adam: Every song that Adam sang remained in my mind the way Adam sang it, not in its original version. If this is not an artist’s work, what is? Adam is memorable. He is a great performer and entertainer. When I watch him perform , I always think…if there was a contemporary Jimi Hendrix or Mick Jagger, he would be like Adam.

Danny: The only one who stood out to me ever since the initial auditions is Danny. I was blown away and I immediately pictured his voice in the back of a movie, singing soundtracks. When he sang “Hero” he only confirmed to me that that will someday be possible. The consistency of his vocals is unique to this show! 

Scott: Every time I hear Scott perform, I cry. As Paula once said, it’s not about his disability, it’s about how much I forget about his disability every time I hear and see him perform. It amazes me how much nature enhances some of our other senses when it takes one away. Scott’s loss of sight helps him get through his audience because he doesn’t worry about what he will look like. What a breeze Scott is!

Allison: I still can’t believe Allison’s birth year is ’92. Kara once put it very well: she looks as if she’s been singing for 400 years! Unlike Lil’ Rounds, Allison lets her personality come out through her songs. She has mad vocals that she uses to make every song her own. She is amazing, albeit a kid. 

Lil’ Rounds: I have had really high hopes for Lil’, from the beginning of this competition, but they have decreased week by week. Her voice is great, and so is her style, but I don’t think she knows quite yet who she is as an artist. I’ve lost a bit of respect after her repeated poor song choices. 

Anoop, Matt, and Chris: Good guys, good singers, just not extremely memorable, you know? They can sing, but they’ve never really made an impression on me. 

More explaining:

Allison Iraheta - will she be in the top 3?

Allison Iraheta - will she be in the top 3?


Pretty much, I love Adam as an entertainer- daring, sexy, confident, and fun. Hella sense of humor, too! The only reason Danny comes second to me is because he isn’t as good of an entertainer as Adam is. I also don’t think Allison’s qualified to be in the top 3 is because she has a bit to go until she is fully developed as an artist, even just personality wise. But she has made more of an impression than Lil’ Rounds in this competition and very good song choices. Now, I love Scott, as Paula would say, “with all my heart,” and if it were after me, he could be the next AI. But we’ll have to see how attached America really gets to him and how much they can overlook the fact that Scott isn’t as “out there” as some other contestants are. He sings more for himself and for his niche — will this be enough to save him? Now we just have to see who leaves us next: Anoop, Kris or Matt?


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