Fashionably raspberry

I have a growing obsession for this red fruit. I feel ever-so-spoiled by a bowl of juicy raspberries, or even just a handful! 

raspberry sorbet

Sure, I try to get creative with raspberries. I add them to my chocolate cake. I sprinkle them onto my green salad with goat cheese, and add a warm vinaigrette dressing! I top them with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I put them in pies. I dig a refreshing, sparkling raspberry drink! I like them moussed, whipped, creamed, frozen or fresh! 

But, really, most of the time, once the raspberries make it into my hand, it’s a rarity that they make it elsewhere, other than my mouth!

triple chocolate raspberry cake

triple chocolate raspberry cake

Raspberries are up there with the top HEALTHIEST foods, especially for women. They are some of the most powerful antioxidants, and help prevent heart disease, cancer, insomnia, and Alzheimers.

"parfait skirt" by BB Dakota

 In fact, all berries help lower risk for breast, oral, and colon cancers in women. 

And which such stunning statistics and such glamorous looks, I think raspberries certainly deserve their place in fashion, too. 

Hello, Raspberry Parfait Skirt! 🙂


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