Stylewatch Mondays

I have to hold myself back and remember it is barely March, today it snowed (it was a mix of snow and sun, actually), and summer doesn’t officially start until June…or until late May. Otherwise, I’ll soon start blogging about bathingsuits.

But until we can throw in our towel and hit the beach, there are still quite a few styles we can take in this Spring. In fact, the transition from Winter to Spring is one of my favorites in terms of fashion. We are starting to show some skin, just not a lot, mostly bare legs. I think Spring is for bare legs and gorgeous locks, if you ask me. 🙂

When it comes to bare legs, 3 items are very hot right now: the empire-waist dress, the paper-bag-waist skirt or dress, and skirts or dresses with ruffles!

The Empire Waist Dress

Urban Outfitters Spring 2009

Urban Outfitters Spring 2009

Just for the heck of it, I posted this photo (far left) of a less conventional empire waist. It looks like a long t-shirt, doesn’t it? Well, that’s why I like it. 🙂

Here’s a more traditional look for the empire waist:

empire waist

The Empire Waist is, basically, that hi-cut right below your breasts and above your normal waist line.

Ups: Definitely a feminine cut. Also, if you’re too skinny and want to add volume to your body, this will definitely do it.

Downs: I wouldn’t necesarily call it a “hot” look. Also, if you are looking for a dress to slim you down, this won’t do it…it kind of has the pregnant-look to it.

The Paper-Bag Waist Dress

The Spring Chickadee Dress by Mink Pink. Featured on

The Spring Chickadee Dress by Mink Pink.

If this dress isn’t a cutie patootie, I don’t know what is. 🙂 I love the paper-bag waist style so much because it follows the hi-waist trend in a less conventional way. Plus, until not long ago, for years we were infatuated with low-rise everything. Now, as we are left with those items, sometimes don’t you want to do just this>>>>>>

>>scrunch-up your old low-waist skirts and tie them around your high waist just like you would tie a paper pag? Ha! Gotta love it.

Ruffles Winter, Ruffles Spring, Ruffles-Ruffles Everything!


<<<Hey, so, ruffles have been popular since winter, huh? Well, if you’ve come to love them, you are in for a treat: they will still be popular into the late Spring and early Summer! Ruffle collars, ruffle dresses, ruffle scarfs, ruffle sleeves…aaaaghh! But ruffles are cute, so we put up with them anyway 🙂

Here is the ultimate challenge: combining these different styles!…For example: wearing an empire-waist dress that’s also got ruffles…or wearing a paper-bag waist skirt/dress with ruffled shoes. 

Ok, I’m joking.


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