Sandals: coming soon to a sunny location near you

I am more ready for summer than you can imagine! I’m especially ready to lose all these layers and sweaters and socks and tights etc. and make room for sheer fabrics and sandals! 

gladiator sandals


Photo courtesy of Primark's Spring-Summer '09 collection.

Talk about sandals, I’ve noticed the gladiator style continues to be a favorite in this upcoming season and I am glad because, I have to admit, I haven’t had a chance to buy into it, and I regretted it by the end of last summer. I was fascinated with how the Olsen sisters wore the gladiator sandals but it wasn’t enough to convince me to own a pair.

I’m a slow-poke sometimes. 🙂 So between last summer and now, I’ve come to love this style. It’s a bit more masculine in a sense, but definitely sexy if you wear it right. Match them to a pair of very-short shorts, or a short dress or skirt, and let them show off your legs…as well as the strong woman within! Gladiator sandals make for a great casual summer look and since they come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll have plenty to choose from: high-heel, flats, high-rise, low-rise, leather or man-made material, plus an abundance of colors! While some are merely “gladiator-inspired” sandals with just a hint of the gladiator look, others will make you look like Brad Pitt’s comrade in the movie Troy. And every girl dreams of playing alongside (or with) Brad Pitt, right? 🙂 I know I do…

 I haven’t decided which type I am yet, but I’ve noticed an alternative look to the gladiator sandals and loved it. Check it out (below):


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I know, I know…not THESE colors (although they’re not bad, just maybe too somber for summer?), but this STYLE. I haven’t been able to find a name for it yet. It’s as though they are *hugging* your ankles and keeping you warm on a breezy night on the beach. They cover you a bit, yet not completely, on a colder summer day while you’re trekking around town. I found them very chic! 

Here is another similar model. 

Summer just can’t get here soon enough!!!



  1. Frances said,

    March 9, 2009 at 2:36 am

    Aaaah, Gladiator 🙂 Dorel made me watch that movie a bizillion times.

    Also, since I posted this, I managed to find out the name of the above “alternative gladiator” sandal that I couldn’t figure out. It’s a


    Who knew?!

  2. thecreatrix said,

    March 9, 2009 at 2:24 am

    MAXIMUS, gladiator, maxima:-)

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