The Woodstock of our times

SASQUATCH and I go a long way back. Well, no, I haven’t actually gone to the Sasquatch! Music Festival, ever, but I have fantasized about doing so for the longest I can remember. My desire got stronger and stronger since sophomore year of college, when my roommates went and I couldn’t go. 

SASQUATCH and I go a long way Mostly, it was because it’s always been too expensive for me to go. Tickets cost about $160/person for the entire 3 days and a camping pass is at least $95. Then, you add the cost of  driving and food and other expenses over the three days and you can easily get close to $500, plus a second ticket for Dorel, close to $700. And it takes place at the end of May, close to when I’m always ready to leave for Romania. Since my trip to Romania is my biggest expense of the year –but also my most important trip–there is little left to choose. *sigh* 

BUT, I can dream. (besides, things can change over night…all we need is a big video/photo contract and….voila! we could both go!).

This image has always made me dream of Sasquatch. I would love to lay in a pool of people and tune out to the music; to drink with friends and float around, fly high and forget about all else; it looks as if all those people are sitting at the very top of the world. It’s so beautiful! 

Plus, the indie bunch. Have you seen this year’s line-up??
Did you wet your pants already? I did… 🙂

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