Stylewatch Mondays!


Season must-have’s
First of all, *high-waist everything*(here’s a basic idea from American Apparel). Seriously. Donate or set aside your low-waist items of clothing and make room for high-waist skirts, pants, overalls, dresses, shorts, etc. Any of your old tops will work perfectly covered by ahigh-waist skirt or pair of pants. 

*On a budget?* Simply create the idea of “high-waist” by accessorizing with a belt tightened around the highest point of your waist, rather than around your hips. Or, wear a skirt that you already have in your wardrobe tightened around your high-waist, rather than your low-waist.

*Not for your body-type?* If you don’t think you have the body for high-waist skinny pants and also don’t want to look like chubby Jessica Simpson in them, you can never go wrong with a skirt. Skirts and dresses are good for all body-types.

Second of all, *vests* = the easiest and most fun way to accesorize and add character to an
otherwise-plain look. Vests are not only trendy right now, they can also make you look sophisticated easily, as if you actually spent time putting your wardrobe together. If you are worried about your budget and don’t want to spend a lot on being up-to-date with fashion, vests will get you there. For example, they go perfectly with skinny, high-waist jeans, a long top, and either flats or pumps.

Now, in no particular order:
*Pumps* Very fun shoes that add height to any petite silhouette (like me). I love pumps because they can be fun, serious or sexy, depending on how you choose to wear them.
*Scrunched skirts* If you’d like to try something fun this season, consider getting a high-waist skirt in its scrunched version. Sure, you’re thinking this isn’t the sexiest outfit. Sexy, maybe not. Feminine? Yes. Fun? Most definitely. It’s a nice, alternative office look, if nothing else.

*Belts* No explanation needed here. Any fashionista must have a belt by this point. Belts are good on dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, coats, sweaters, jackets, raincoats…you name it! They complement that high-waist look I just mentioned.
*On a budget?* Try using an old scarf or tie in place of a belt. If you have tops you are getting ready to throw away, consider cutting out a strip and using it in place of a belt.

*Scarves* Silk or wool, cotton or lycra, print or plain, scarves are a definite statement of who you are. Have fun picking one out and letting it show one or two of your true colors.

1 Comment

  1. gabitza said,

    March 6, 2009 at 4:16 am

    sunt topita dupa fustele cu talie inalta:)
    sunt asa de topita dupa ele incat sunt in stare sa merg in fiecare zi la jogging doar ca sa ma etalez mai tarziu in mariile sale;;)

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